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100% POP

nora chipaumire

15 february 2020
Teatro do Bairro Alto
100% POP

In 100% POP, Nora Chipaumire revisits the way information and knowledge are or were acquired by those who grew up in less free eras. It is a tribute to the famous singer, actress and model Grace Jones. As a black superstar, she had a far-reaching influence on pop culture and introduced a new image of the black body.

In a monologue filled with contagious energy, Nora talks about how she discovered the singer, her youth in Zimbabwe, and her desire for independence. Grace Jones’ legendary A One Man Show is the inspiration behind the 100% POP ‘cover version’, which combines sound elements from Jones’ music with Zimbabwean Chimurenga music, dub and noise.


Nora Chipaumire, sound concept and artistic direction; Nora Chipaumire, Shamar Watt, Atiyyah Khan, Kris Lee and Antek Mantorsk, performance

12 € - normal
5 € - menores de 25 anos