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Bruno Pacheco


12 october 2018 to 13 january 2019
running times vary
Galeria Quadrum
Bruno Pacheco

Vaivém,which marks the reopening of Galeria Quadrum after refurbishment works, showcases about four hundred paintings on paper, a selection of works that retraces Bruno Pacheco’s path over the last decade. Organized into foldable books, displayed on tables which have been specifically created for this purpose, these works enable visitors to plunge into the artist’s pictorial imagery. The title of the exhibition refers not only to the movement of circling around the twenty-two tables, but also to the notion of traveling contained in Pacheco’s works. More thana vehicle to the nerve center of Bruno Pacheco’s praxis, Vaivém deliberately removes the works from their traditional locus – gallery walls – so as to enable a closer look, a more direct and organic engagement.

Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm


Curator: Bruno Marchand