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Soares & Bratke

dance, music
20 february 2019
Teatro Tivoli BBVA

Duelo is a tribute to the arts as an element of communication between the different nations and people who helped to form the DNA of the cultural diversity present in the world today. From the native man- indigenous man- to the contemporary world.  In this spectacle, music and dance are placed side by side, sometimes as an element of reflection, sometimes as an element of provocation. Everything happens in real time. An open dialogue where we can observe the nuances that portray human relations. Duelo brings to us in its debut, the main dancer in the Royal Ballet of London, Thiago Soares, alongside the celebrated Brazilian pianist Marcelo Bratke. The program includes works by Heitor Villa-Lobos and Ernesto Nazareth.


Thiago Soares, choreography; Marcelo Bratke, musical direction.

35 € - plateia vip
30 € - 1ª plateia
20 € - 1º balcão central
17,50 € - 1º balcão lateral
25 € - 2ª plateia
15 € - 2º balcão central
15 € - 2º balcão lateral
25 € - camarotes
35 € - frisas