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Vasya Run

22 march to 23 march 2019
fri: 19h; sat: 17h
MAAT - Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia
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Vasya Run is an anonymous Russian collective consisting of boys aged 16-27 from the outskirts of Moscow, mixing contemporary art, theater, street subcultures and rituals of spiritual emancipation. It was born in 2014, in the literal transposition of a text written by the Russian graffiter Vasya, from his experience of having been arrested and convicted of vandalism in Paris. The subversion and boldness of this artistic expression appears in radical and transgressive choices that becomes the base for the identity of the project: the proclamation of the status of anonymous artist, whose identity and face remain a mystery, at the same time as expressing a current revolutionary cry, from the personal experience of a generation born in the early 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Vasya Run is a project that goes beyond the limits of artistic reflection, crossing different influences of contemporary artists with a discontented, disobedient youth who refuses the invisibility and marginality of urban subcultures and demands to be heard and lived.

If you want to continue, this new performance is commissioned by BoCA and its main concept is the figure of the hero, who is associated with a state “after” the present moment. What time and space are these, when one part of us is observed in the future and the other remains anchored to the now? In the center, the provocation and the shaking of the system. For the Vasya Run, the roots of the art they do, and the youthful spirit they represent in a society they want to reshape, passes through some convictions that reaffirm this performance, such as “I am intrusion. I am opposition. If the figure is set aside – it means that it is genuine.”

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BoCA and Kampnagel, production.

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