Pardal Monteiro (1897-1957)

Arquitetura, Pura e Simplesmente

27 november 2019 to 23 february 2020
running times vary
Museu do Dinheiro
Pardal Monteiro (1897-1957)

In the new temporary exhibition of Museu do Dinheiro, there is attention given to the architect Porfírio Pardal Monteiro and his proposal in 1936 for the new headquarters of Banco de Portugal, which was never built. A model from this project has been preserved, restored and is now presented in the old church of S. Julião, a building that would not exist if the project had moved forward.  This object, which survived for decades, justifies a look at the architect, his work and his reflection on Baixa Pombalina.

Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm