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Tribute to Celeste Rodrigues (1923-2018)

21 march 2019
thu: 21h
Centro Cultural de Belém
Tribute to Celeste Rodrigues (1923-2018)

Boasting a career that spanned seven decades, Celeste Rodrigues is admired by several generations of Fado singers. She sang in Lisbon’s finest Fado houses and was one of the first Fado singers to perform outside the country. She was – and is – a highly cherished artist, and she was honored on several occasions while she was alive. She passed away last year, but her figure and her voice are still a source of inspiration for many. On March 21, renowned Fado singers and friends of Celeste will meet at CCB to sing her repertoire in a well-deserved tribute.

Ana Lucia Varela, Camané, Duarte, Fábia Rebordão, Hélder Moutinho, Jorge Fernando, Katia Guerreiro, Mísia, Pedro Moutinho, Ricardo Ribeiro, Sara Correia and Teresinha Landeiro will join Pedro de Castro (Portuguese guitar), Gaspar Varela (Portuguese guitar), André Ramos (Fado guitar) and Francisco Gaspar (bass guitar) for a show directed by Diogo Varela Silva, celebrating the joy of spending your whole life doing what you love the most.

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