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The Myth in Lisbon

2 february to 28 april 2019
running times vary
Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta

This exhibition explores the various dimensions of the myth of St. Vincent – Lisbon’s patron saint – through a wide array of objects and artistic languages, ranging from sculpture to painting, from installation to performance, from drawing to illustration, from video to text, among others.

The exhibition’s main goal is to showcase the multifarious aspects of the Vincentian narrative and the city’s founding myth. The exhibition is curated by Mário Caeiro and features CLAN’s architectural work, summarizing eight years of research and artistic production as part of Travessa da Ermida Project’s ‘Vicente’ initiative.

In Pimenta Palace’s Black Pavilion, 15th-, 16th-, and 17th-century works of art coming from various museums engage with artworks and interventions created over the past eight years specifically for this exhibition. Simeon Nelson, Sandra Baía, José Eduardo Rocha, Miguel Januário, MOOV+Miguel Faro, João Ribeiro+Nuno Maya and Carole Purnelle, André Banha, Jana Matejkova, André Graça Gomes, Régis Perray, Alessandro Lupi, Rochus Aust, Dominik Lejman, Pedro Penilo, João Pombeiro and João Fonte Santa are some of the artists featured in this exhibition.


Guided tour by the exhibition commissioner

February 9, 3 pm

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm (last admission at 5.30 pm)


Curated by Mário Caeiro

3 € - preço de acesso ao Museu (ver descontos)